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Джи Вилкс Presents From Russia With West

Джи Вилкс Presents From Russia With West, 2018 Слушать / Заказать CD

01. Poppin’ A Bottle feat. AKF, Ipo Crita, Naughty Skill, Sean Styles, Simon Crane, Popovski (5:29)
02. G Love Story feat. Ipo Crita, L-Tune, Popovski (5:08)
03. Ole Dirty feat. 2рист, Ipo Crita, McSpilz Snow, DJ Ice (5:18)
04. Gimme Yours feat. Kate Nova, Mark Evich (5:02)
05. Drop Da Bass feat. WazAp, 10RTM, Rimsky, L-Tune (4:32)
06. Blossom feat. AKF, Ipo Crita, Popovski, Айкью (4:47)
07. Cream Dat feat. 10RTM, Deadbeats, Papo Boo, WazAp, Lisstally (6:07)
08. Wanna You / Big Thang feat. Maestro A-Sid, Ipo Crita, Teona Dolnikova, AKF (5:19)
09. Gopak feat. Deadbeats (4:10)
10. Moskva feat. Ghost (5:17)
11. Gansta Party All Night feat. L-Tune, Reeference, UGN, Loco, Unstoppable Knight (5:55)
12. Safe To Safe feat. Big Brotha Fresh, Ipo Crita, Rimsky, Deadbeats (4:02)
13. It’s That Funk feat. Mellow Man Ace, Cryptocriminals (3:56)
14. Lalala feat. KuulAde (2:44)
15. Freestyle To Rodos feat. Nick, Ipo Crita, Brah Zeh (3:19)
16. West Wit It feat. MC Eiht (3:47)