DJ K.-Fear «Buck 2 Da Bass-X!» 1996

DJ K.-Fear «Buck 2 Da Bass-X! (The New Adventures Of D.J. K.-Fear)» 1996 (Radio Chance / Golos Solntsa)

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A01. Marden Hill • Get Some In
A02. Hustlers Of Culture • Original Hustler
A03. F.R.I.S.K. • Take The Sun Away (Multiplicity Mix)
A04. Hustlers Of Culture • Grit
A05. Children Of Judah • To The Bone
A06. Hustlers Of Culture • Deep Joy
A07. Up, Bustle And Out • The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (Yam Yam Mix)
B08. Mekon • Phatty’s Lunch Box (SureShitMix)
B09. Hustlers Of Culture • It’s All Good
B10. Dirt Box • The Reason (Scoop The Loop Mix)
B11. Lion Rock • Packet Of Peace (Chemical Broth. Mix)
B12. The 13-th Sign • Back In The Day
B13. Hustlers Of Culture • Kickin’ Off
B14. The Sabres Of Paradise • Tow Truck (Chemical Broth. Mix)
B15. The Sabres Of Paradise • Bubble & Slide (N.O.W. Wax Mix)

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